dealsace hardware - quart of paint - today only…


Flat enamel only.

Oh well. I needed some white glossy for some minor touch-ups.


Sweet, I've been wanting to get some maroon paint to touch up my wooden stairs outside! Great post!


You don't really have to print anything out. I just filled out the slip at Ace. Great promotion, actually.


my wife just painted the kitchen in an aqua color. With this promo she picked up a quart of contrasting color to add some detail. FREE!


wish i would have seen this one 5 hours ago :<


Coupon says "This Saturday, March 17" ... did they mean the 10th?


@luvche21: As late as it is, it appears that they've already changed the coupon to next Saturday's. Makes sense as the latest closing Ace in Hawaii closes in about 15 minutes. They're doing this again every Saturday in March, and as @angelica974 said you can just fill out the slip at the store. Just don't wait until late in the day, they've been flying off the shelves in our area!


@dkeigley: Thanks! I didn't see the deal until tonight, and found it rather confusing.


I tried to do this today, and was surprised to find my local ACE closes at 6 PM on Saturdays. This is nine kinds of crazy. I have small businesses around me that close at 6 or 7 PM, and that always frustrates me, but I understand their reasoning. No national retail chain of anything should close before 9 PM, especially on a weekend.

Life is hard for night owls.


This promotion happened last Saturday, this Saturday, and according to the guy who mixed my paint at Ace today, it will happen again next Saturday. They keep doing this, I'll have enough to paint my house, 1 quart at a time.


damn kids pouring these off the freeway overpasses!


@stark: typically ace stores are franchises that are locally owned. Smaller than home depot & lowes, they don't have the volume where they can afford stay open longer hours. On the upside, you can typically see the same employee who will recognize you as well, every time you visit.