dealsrash free shaving cream for men or women for $9…


How about some Before and After shots - just to prove it works. In the name of Science...


@wuwei26: Does that include free shipping?


I had switched to shaving soaps/pucks. I like the 'feel' a lot more, but still get nicks and it takes longer. These are well reviewed, so I might have to consider trying it.


Everyone is so busy giggling at the name that no one pointed out that this is no deal at all. Numerous other sites sell twice as much (8oz vs. 4oz. here) for 10.95.
That being said, stuff does work well. Woman loves it and it works well on my neck.


I want to buy this for a friend just to see her face when she reads the product name!lol


top of the list huh? ew lol


i couldn't help but to notice you didn't use the name of the product in your posting. hmmmmm....
(also: lol)