dealssabatier 6 piece stainless steel knife set for…


I already own four of these (not the second- and third-smallest) and love them. They're very nicely weighted, sharp, nice-looking, with NO GROOVES TO CLEAN. Of course it says hand wash, but I've put mine in the dishwasher regularly with no adverse effects. They don't rust or chip (as far as I can tell), and feel very pleasant in the hand.

That said, I do sharpen my knives semi-regularly, and got the four I own separately at a discount store for ~$8 apiece. This is definitely a good deal, but I haven't yet decided if I want an extra set. Ooh, probably.


No offense, but If you put your knives in the dishwasher your opinions on the quality of the knives are null and void.


He obviously wasn't aware he was in the presence of true greatness.

For the rest of us who like to live in the mortal plane though, it's fairly helpful to know how this will effect the knives.


Shipping is discounted to $4.95 as well!



Forged knives and stamped blades are tempered (heat treated) to align the metal molecules, more evenly and set the metal hardness so that the blade wears evenly and doesn't develop a raged edge, due to a drop in durability effecting it's performance. The heat cycle in most dishwashers is hot enough this temper.

The other problem is detergents they are harsh and stay in contact with the blade too often. Depending on you water this might exacerbate the problem. Even stainless is not immune to the metal pitting.

These are the reasons that knives should never be washed in the dishwasher. Your turning them into those knives that won't hold an edge and just need to be replaced. BTW that's why most knives say not to put them in there.


I'm a Chef by profession.

I'm trying to point out that you sounded extremely rude and arrogant when someone was actually stating some useful real world information having owned the same knives, but no doubt you'll continue and find a way you feel makes you look important again.


@darkshin: First off, metals don't have molecules. It's either considered a formula unit or a unit cell. Second, heat treating doesn't perform alignment, it tempers out residual stresses and improves toughness while decreasing the hardness you'd get from a work hardened edge.


Everything is made up of molecules, don't try to make it rocket surgery... dishwasher won't get hot enough to change the tempor, but it will destroy the edge.. and possibly ruin the handle, and increase the rate at which the knife rusts...

Seriously, hand washing a good knife if a 60 second task, and I've got some better knives that we dishwasher regularly and have crap edges now. A lot of passes on a diamond whet stone brought one back to usable... gotta spend a bit more time to see if I can get it back to sharp, then how long it will stay there after dishwashering.. the quality knife makers all say not to put in the dishwasher- when manufacturers go to the trouble of giving instructions for care one should probably heed them.



Sorry I sounded rude, but how is someone who doesn't properly care for an item vouch for it's longevity? If your a Chef by trade then you also know that not rusting after a dip in the dishwasher is not a sign of quality, and that mistreating your knives just makes them less able to do the job intended. BTW If I ever become lame enough to come to this forums for my self-worth I'll go shoot myself.


Really... no molecules? I like my knives, but never knew they could defy physics.