dealsscratch touch-up for $1.00


Looks like a great way to mess your car up?


@aaronf: My thoughts exactly.

The "94% Off" price tag is setting off all kinds of alarms in my head for "too good to be true", "you get what you pay for", and "they must be liquidating their stock for a reason."

Personally, even at that price, I'm not going to risk the temptation of testing it on my car.


If you order one, please drop a line on the shipping costs. I hate having to give out my mailing information just to get the shipping costs.


@meanjoeira: That's why I use my next door neighbor's address.


@meanjoeira: Hi there - there is a "calculate shipping" button on the checkout page (it's in blue on the shopping basket page) If you just enter your zip code, you'll get an instant estimate on your shipping cost.

All it does is figure out how far that zip code is away from our warehouse - no information is stored. Shipping changes depending on number of items, the size/weight of them, so if someone were to give you their costs, it might not be relevant to you. Hope this helps!