dealsroshco perfect brownie pans, set of 3 for $16.00


I have been looking into these pans just this week! Not for brownies, because as most of you have said I also consider the gooey center one to be the perfect brownie. But I have been experimenting with corn dog muffins and I think these pans might give me a better hot dog/muffin ratio than a traditional muffin pan. Anyone know the actual size of the openings in the pan?


This just looks like a square cupcake pan to me. And I agree that the best brownies are the center ones with no crunchy edges.


Not even close to a "perfect" brownie pan. The perfect brownie is always the middle one. Soft and chewy all the way to the end. No crispy edges.
This is as bad as the all edge lasagna pan.

Still voted up because it's a good deal for people interested. 3 pans for $16 is a deal.


@starbob: I hear ya, brother. I voted this deal up for the price/quantity ratio, and Roshco is a decent brand. I am a brownie purist and bake them in a standard pan so those who like the crusty pieces are satisfied. I prefer the gooey centers but if I were to purchase another pan specifically for brownies, I would try one of the serpentine pans that produce 2 edges on all but the end pieces.
Here's an example:


Perfect brownies? I just call this limiting my overall brownie yield.