dealsvera jumbo poppies tote bag with matching coin…


oooo Pretty. I love the Vera's poppies. They have other accessories too. Drat. I just bought a new umbrella elsewhere.
I do not need another bag I do not need another bag I do not need another bag I do not need another bag I do not need another bag.

or do I ? :D

Thanks for the temptation @belyndag.

It's funny they call themselves the "original Deal a Day, With Integrity"
What does that mean? They are trying to get people to thing they are the first deal a day , but they aren't so they add the other part on. Kinda weird. Oh well. If they have a good deal, who cares.


@ceagee: LOL! Well, as Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist anything except temptation."

I've ordered from this company a few times. They have a "luxury deals" section that is out of my price range, but the other sections have some good deals. I resisted the bag this time, but if you order please post back and let me know how you like it. Tempting, indeed!


OK. I decided to order even though they made me set up an account. Using PayPal was easy. It's not a good thing that I found this site. Lots of pretty thing. Need has nothing to do with it.


soooooooo pretty. i'll get one. i so love this.