dealsamazing spider-man #1 - marvel comics for $0.00…


Doesn't require a credit card like some 'free' things online do.

I could get into digital comics more if they actually released free ones more often.


Privacy policy sucks. Yeah, you get a digital copy for free — but it looks like you'll be paying for it in spam.


Anything free is swell. Wonder which Wunderkind at Sony thought that the new movie needed to completely forget the original story that Stan told. It's surprising that they didn't put "Spider-Nipples" in the costume.


Cover price: $0.12

Great deal!


Marvel's Android app "not compatible with [my] device."

No love for an HP Touch pad running ICS? Can't view it through Chrome on my TP either.

Any suggestions?


Marvel should start releasing their old comics for free in digital format. It's actually enjoyable to read a comic on a tablet because of the presentation aspects.

Sure, Marvel is still possibly making money on trade paper backs of the old comics, but I think opening up the catalog of the old 60's - 80's comics would breath life into a whole newbase of readers and would impact their current sales.

I've been a collector for years, but I dare not read some of my most valuable copies for fear of decreasing the value of the investment. I've owned several copies of Spiderman #1, but this will be the first time I've read it


@rayray8822: Change your model in your build.prop file...

Which ICS are you using? I'm using ClassicNerd on my Touchpad.