dealsroku 2 xs 1080p hd media player w/ motion sensor…


I've got 2 of these- one in my son's room, one in my bedroom. It's great for streaming Netflix, and my son can watch cartoons on various Roku channels. As I've said before, if you are used to cable/satellite, this is far from a replacement. So if you think you can just grab one of these and drop your regular TV programming, I believe you'll be disappointed.
It does offer plenty of options though. I've got movies on a USB drive for my son's TV and that has been great (you have to download a "channel" to browse a USB drive, but it's easy). Wireless was easy to set up, but if the signal is weak, you may experience buffering during a show/movie.
The microSD card is only for downloaded channels/games and can not be used for storing movies like an external USB drive.
If you have a TV that isn't capable of connecting directly to the internet, this may be your ticket.
You can stream Netflix and many other online services through this.


I bought one when this was a Woot several months back, mostly because it has good Amazon Prime streaming support and a developer API (make your own 'channel').

This can work with a NAS, but if that's your primary motive, research it first.


@hondaman88: Just to keep in mind the model shown here does not include a USB port. I suspect the ones you have are the newest model Roku 3. However the Roku 3 retails for $99, so it is twice as expensive as this particular model. Just something to keep in mind for those who feel a USB option is worthwhile.

I have the older Roku 2 XD and it works like a champ - but I could use another one for the family room TV so this would be a good option for me. I'll admit the Roku 3 with the USB port is tempting, but at twice the cost I don't think I can justify it.

I've thought about buying an Apple TV, but their limited channel options is what keeps me favoring the Roku. I have a few dozen channels that I use on a regular basis, and Apple TV just doesn't offer the same benefits. Apple TV does get YouTube though... that would be nice.


@costner: The Roku 2 XS does indeed have a USB port. It's on the side.


@firebirdude: It sure does.
The specs specifically note: "Roku 2 XS supports closed captioning for Netflix, and has a USB port (supported formats include: MP4 (H.264) video / AAC & MP3 audio / JPEG & PNG image)" Plus it works with Plex, so you can play video files streamed from your laptop.


I stand corrected - couldn't find the image online so I couldn't see the USB port (I found the rear view but obviously that isn't where the port is located), but it is a nice feature to have.

Guess I'll get a bonus feature on the one I ordered!


@costner: if you put videos on the USB drive, the Roku will not play AVI's. And you have to download a channel to view/browse the USB drive, it doesn't do it automatically.


@hondaman88: Sounds great - I'll check it out. I did see the supported media types and I can always convert my AVIs to MP4 if necessary - although I'm really not sure how often I'll use that feature. I might play around with the MP3 functionality a bit just to see how it works as well.

Can't wait - it will be a nice upgrade from my current Roku.


Price went up. Its now 57.95


Bought one of these from NewEgg recently for $39. Neat little device, although I have to say I use it more for pr0n than legit stuff. Don't downvote me for being honest.


Was going to buy one after lunch and it went up $8. Ohh well, they'll come around again maybe even cheaper.