dealsmaxboost fusion iphone 5s / 5 battery case…


Just bought one similar but with 2200mah extended battery instead of 2000mah for $12 shipped on ebay.


dont buy these guys, get a mophie.
I bought a battery pack from amazon the last time maxboost had a sale, and it broke after 1.5 months.

It was great when it worked but didn't last long at all and the microusb port started to get lose and it would not charge, making the product useless.


@ajmssc: I've had two maxboost cases for iPhone 5 and they lasted about a month a piece. I too have heard good things about mophies


These do not work with iPhone 5s. They shouldn't say that they do. I bought one for my 5, worked fine. Bought the 5s and it was useless.