dealsgardens alive - $25 voucher for $0.00 + free…


These coupons normally require you to buy $50+ worth of product in order to even apply the coupon in the first place. And their coupons never apply to S&H, which is unreasonably high. If you do use it, be sure to include the pricing in your final total or note somewhere you are using one and include in the envelope. Coupons are easily lost in the mail sorting process.

Also, Gardens Alive sells your information to third parties, so make sure you include "Do Not Rent" if you don't want other random companies having your mailing address.


@abbigail: The catalog, for a new customer, does not have the $50 spending requirement. It can be used for items $25 or less. I do not remember if shipping can be included in the coupon.


Shipping can be used as part of the 25.00.


Thanks for the input. I used to work for this company in order entry and the usage I outlined above was the process with which we were told to handle coupons like this. If the order didn't meet the requirements, the coupon was marked "invalid" in the system and we were told to not override. Perhaps they have changed their requirements and the S&H (no coupon for any deal ever was allowed to be factored into these charges when I was there). I know that a lot of people had misunderstood the coupons due to very fine print and were upset when they realized it was not applied as they had expected. I also sat next to customer service and overheard calls all day, tending to be about this exact issue.

So all I can say is, if you use this deal, just keep an eye on what you expected the total to be vs. what you were charged.