deals$5 or less at american apparel


My husband is going to kill me, but I just spent over $50 using this deal. I found a 15% off coupon code and got 11 items for super cheap, so you can't really beat that. Thanks for posting!


AA is awesome quality. I just bought a couple things. 5 dollar shipping so not too bad. Good deal, cause it's usually expensive as crap


Never mind, I forgot their clothing is crap and their CEO was charged with having sex with underage people. I didnt recognize it until I'd seen the site


Well, in case anyone else wants the code, it's TY15ZU89NKAPL3. I have to admit, I wasn't really thrilled with the how young some of the models looked in the skimpy, see-through stuff where no attempt was made to make it remotely SFW, and I almost decided not to order because of it, but my need for cheap crap won. :-/ I'd forgotten about the CEO sex thing.


Unfortunately that coupon code (TY15ZU89NKAPL3) did not work for any of the items in the $5 sale I had in my cart, doggonit. Neither did any of the others I found on-line, and I wasn't going to spend $50 to get "free" shipping.


No offense meandsecoya but I thought you were being overly sensitive to the models until I looked at the site myself, holy crap! I am far from a prude but I've never seen boobs when I was shopping for t-shirts before... crazy.


Does anyone else think almost every single female "model" looks kind of drugged, awkward and/or completely unhappy? The first thing that comes to mind is photos I've seen of human trafficking victims and it's really disturbing. The male models aren't much better.


Wow all of you need to relax. Its called fashion - its a medium of design and it pushes boundaries. If you are that uncomfortable seeing boobs and you are a full grown adult you need to stop being so tightly wound.


@cowboydann: Why is Sean Astin in his underwear on a kitchen countertop? What are they going to do with poor Samwise? Actually, forget it, I'm not sure I want to know....


@whispah: Oddly enough, that's often the desired look in "indie" culture right now. Any time you find a herd of fixie-bike riders, they always seem to be trying to look like that. Heck, the shots at Urban Outfitters, while far more conservative, have the models going for a very similar vibe.


The shirts and underwear I've bought from AA are well made and hold up.


I agree their stuff is crap and way overpriced. I own a business and get wholesale pricing and still crappy overprices apparel.


@racingfreak92: I agree. I'd rather they show the clothing for what it truly reveals, that way people will know how it really looks when worn by itself. IMO, if they were to cover the models with some undergarments it would be false advertising.