dealsshun classic 4 piece ultimate steak knife set for…


These look like smaller versions of the Shun Ultimate utility knife. Seems like a decent price for Shun steak knives but I've always heard that good steak knives are never serrated. If you want to pop for Shun steak knives then I'd recommend the classic instead. I have Shun steak knives and they're amazing but the cost isn't worth it to many.


Yep, ignore any knife with a serrated edge (except for a bread knife). Those edges don't "cut" they "tear" which affects juice retention, texture, and ultimately taste. The exception for bread knives is because bread will collapse if you press down hard with a knife edge, hence you need the tearing motion to cut through.


@alextse: If you're getting a bread knife, you can do a lot worse than the Victorinox Fibrox. NSF-certified, sharp as blazes, works like a dream, and costs $20.
I try to stay away from serrations on anything I'm going to have to sharpen other than that, though.