dealsvolkswagen t1 camper van - lego shop exclusive…


To paraphrase a certain fast food chain commercial, where's the deal?

This is the usual price for this product and only marginally beats the 10 cent per piece price standard that Lego usually uses. The Lego shop usually offers free shipping on orders over $100.

I don't see a deal here.


Does it come with 60's LEGO LSD?


@bione: looks like standard pricing on the 'net for this is about $169.99. I'd guess the official VW licensing drove up the ppb on the kit.


This is the regular price for this item via, so it's not much of a deal. Having said that, I have this set and it's great. Lots of amazing little details!


@thunderthighs: Wow, does this bring back memories. I owned a '74 VW Camper Van. The things we did with it and in it... Thanks for bringing back some very fond memories. You made my day.


Geee... only 1332 pieces.