deals10 pack: women's 100% cotton tank tops for $24.00…


Does it come with the hot girl? Because I'll gladly a ten pack of those. Yowza!


Not sure what to make of their size chart. XL has only 30" bust? I'm sure these are stretchy and all, but one would think they'd provide useful measurements, unless these are actually sized for pre-teens.


@ciabelle: That is strange. I hadn't checked out the sizing chart. Surely that must be wrong or must be the unstretched dimension. I just checked out some of the tank tops I have here (I hate to use the term, but they are old-fashioned wife beaters), and they measure 26" - 28" unstretched.

I've never purchased from this site, so I don't know how good their customer service is, but I figure I can either return them or donate them somewhere at this price if they don't fit.