dealsharry potter wizard's collection (blu-ray / dvd…


I have all the movies in Blu-ray (Ultimate Editions), but I just kept waiting for this to drop in price so that I could grab one and maintain my Harry Potter fan membership. I think at $150ish is finally fair, I don't think these "limited edition" sets will last long after this sale, well at least that's how I'm rationalizing this purchase, hehe.


aaaaaaaaaaand, it's back up to $317.93 now. Did you get one?


@tobyjensen: Looks like I was right. Amazon has moved on to the Dark Knight trilogy for the new Deal of the Day :/ I did managed to get one; it was around 2am (when I first commented here) when I went in for the purchase, and by 10am this morning Amazon had already shipped it (lol, looks like they were in a rush to get these out of the warehouse). The +$317 amounts you're seeing now are all the third-party sellers.