dealsprecision digital bathroom scale with edge-tap…


Free ship w/ order over $25 or w/ Prime. Just in case there is someone in the universe who does not know that about Amazon by now ;-)


I bought one of these last time. It's serviceable. It's given me a bit of variation depending on how I stand on it, but no more than 2 pounds, and often less than .5. It's also reads about three pounds less than the balance beam scale I have at my workplace, which I generally judge as more accurate.


Just to throw in my $0.02 about scales, I bought this one a few years ago from Amazon and love it. Not sure what the Edge-Tap is in the one above, but this one has Step-on activation, meaning you don't have to tap it before getting on. Just stand on it and it goes. Doesn't seem like a big deal but is actually a nice little convenience compared to all those scales you have to tap first.

Looks great too, only a few $ more