dealscraftsman folding saw for $7.99


Wow. They really cut the price on this one.


What good is it to shop through your web site, if the the company doesn't honor your sale price. Your showing a craftsman fold up knife for $7.99 regular $15.99 through sears. They will not honor this price. This has happened to me through other companies in the past. Who manages and post these sale prices? I'm very disappointed. That's why i haven't been on in awhile. How does you, the company show these sale prices, but then were not able to get them for that price? False Advertising!!!!!


This isnt Woots fault. the website clearly shows me the 7.99 price but when i add the saw to my cart it reverts back to 15.99


@lisasteele: The sale was one day. It expired at midnight.

Perhaps what you should do is be on deals.woot! more often during the day to get the sale prices before expiration.