dealsindustrial ear muffs for $1.99


Caveat emptor, I'm not sure I would trust my hearing to a $2 pair of Chinese made ear muffs. It's awfully hard to get your hearing back once you've lost it, and you could end up wishing you'd have put down another $48 or so for a really nice pair instead.


^^ I wouldn't be so concerned about the price. Sound absorbing material is cheap and effective. 23dB of attenuation (200 times) is enough to take the volume of a slayer concert down to the volume of a leaf blower.


@lparsons42: Use them at work all the time with no issues.


I have both cheap no name & brand name over the ear protectors.

There is no comparison, both in terms of sound detention and comfort.

I completely agree, why go cheap when it isn't assured there will be a good technological solution to lost hearing in our lifetimes. The cost difference between excellent and soso devices is trivial.


I use their better muffs (currently $9.99) and find them comfortable and effective. I don't have to wear them for long periods, though, only an hour or less at the pistol range, and I wear ear plugs inside the muffs (which I'd do with any, no matter how expensive they were, for that short a time). I wouldn't use these cheapest ones myself. Also be aware that safety glasses and some ear muffs don't work well together. If the muffs don't fit as snugly with glasses as without, then you aren't getting the full protection.


I'm sure these would work fine for mowing the lawn, using a blower, or shooting. More expensive models will be much more comfortable, but for short periods these would work fine.





@danieleg: Oh, well that's different. Never mind...


Just bought these, great for mowing, they cut down noise plenty, though not comfortable enough for extended wear.


I have a pair of these and multiple pairs of middle and high end sets (both active and passive).

These are fine for the person who only needs some hearing protection a couple of times. Short periods of time in mid-level noise environments.

If you know you're going to be shooting indoors, or running a chain saw for 10 hours a day, then spend money on a good pair that will last for year.

If you only need these for a couple of events then they're fine.


I own and use three of these muffs for my lawn work, chain saw, and the range.

For the price and their intended purpose they are more than adequate. Would I wear them if I were working with a jack-hammer or jet engine all day/every day? Probably not. But that should be somewhat obvious as they're rated at NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 23dB--high end muffs are usually closer to 27-30dB. Though it should be noted that they amply suppress high power calibers at the (outdoor) range.

Also, while perfectly fine for a few hours of use, some may find them less than ultra comfortable for an all day affair.

For general use they're great. And as noted by another comment above, if one were to use earplug inserts in addition to these muffs they'd be more than covered for any noise level. Comparing these to high end professional use muffs isn't fair. For the meager price these represent a big value when used within reasonable applications which I've found to be quite wide in scope.


I have two pairs of these that I use on the range. They're very effective, but not the most comfortable options out there. I would suggest looking at their (slightly) more expensive pair, which are much more comfortable.

Current sale price is $5.99 for the upgraded version...