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It's only free shipping w/ order of $25 or more or w/ Prime.
Your header is misleading.
Plus only the one dvd is $22. Blu ray is higher. "The Incredible Mel Brooks Collection" dvd is also more $.

The Mel Brooks Collection on blu-ray on sale at Amazon was already posted.
I guess this isn't a complete duplicate, b/c you include other Mel Brooks dvd offers.


@ceagee: It would not let me put two different prices in the heading as you know. I also included in the body of the deal the part about the free shipping exemptions.

The gold box deals don't last long, so I wanted to get the information out to share it.

You mentioned (The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection Of Unhinged Comedy (DVD) $38), that is also part of the gold box deal, it was not the main deal I posted, but it was part of the gold box deal.


@107bear: I understood...and bought it.


@107bear: FYI -- You can type your own prices in the header and leave the box blank.
It is recommended that you do not check the free ship box, if there are strings attached.
scroll to bottom to see "rule" on posting shipping in header.

Most everyone who is here regularly knows amazon ship policy. But still is nice for those who do not.

anyways, it's all good.