dealsmystery box for $5.00


Hmmm... I'm going to wait until I receive the eight that I have coming so far. Can't keep putting out and not know what it is. I have to get something before I go further with this relationship.


has anyone bought one of these before?
curious as to what other people have gotten..


@forkmehard: All the other mystery boxes had a "theme" to them, this is the first complete mystery box, could be anything.


I am tempted. The optimist in me hopes it is knives and a crossbow. The pessimist is thinking more along the lines of a half a pad of 'post-on' notes. Not even real postits, but some canadian knock-off.


@urbsnspices: I will give my word that there is no post-it notes or knockoffs. lol. AND I will guarantee that there IS knives in some of the boxes...


Definitely interesting in buying more, but waiting until I receive my boxes.


I have ordered:

Military Mystery Box [MAY 24]
5 x Box Of Crap [MAY 29]
5 x Mystery Box [JUN 1]
1 x A Mystery Box (ROAmysteryBox) [JUN 5]
1 x Medieval Mystery Box (MCMEDIEVALBOX) [JUN 5]
10 x Cheap Mystery Box (RICheapMysteryBox) [JUN 5]
10 x Secret Mystery Box (Mystery Box 1) [JUN 5]

And still not received ANY of it....

I will pass on future deals until I receive what I have already ordered (which is over $200 worth of mystery boxes)..


I will also be posting my Mystery Box Openings on YouTube & Deals.Woot to show the validity of the Company.


@devexityspace: After you get your boxes and post those you tube videos do us all a favor and post the you tube links on here so everyone can see the boxes (since you bought at least 2 of each it seems)


Have most of the Military Mystery boxes shipped yet?


yeah, i'm still waiting on the one i ordered may 29th...Status is still showing the gpal transaction from that night. Ahh well. Still have another week yet.


@ridewithme38: @nsmh11: We oversold the Military Boxes, we had 500 of them boxed and ready to ship (which have already shipped out) when those sold (within the first couple hours of the deal being up) we reordered more of the items to put in more boxes, we ended up selling roughly 2000 boxes (we cut the item at 2k in boxes when we realized how many had sold) As a result, the Military boxes are taking the longest of all the boxes to get out. We should have the rest of the order in this next week and can get them all out by early the week after next. We have some other Military supplies come in from another vendor (that we weren't planning on using) so we are packing those up monday and shipping them out, it should help catch up at least on some of the customers, with all that, all though the wait was long, I feel most people will like what there getting.


@ridewithme38: @nsmh11: The Knife Mystery Boxes however (and all sequential boxes) were done on a different shopping cart on the other site and we were able to specify exactly how many we had in stock so that the system would close the item out when they all sold. We had 500 of those boxes, roughly 100 have shipped already, the rest should be shipped out by tuesday with a handful that may have to wait till maybe thursday (just waiting for some more shipping supplies, almost out of tape and shipping labels, lol)


@ridewithme38: @nsmh11: The BOC's will start shipping out once we get the knife box out completely (and get the rest of the Shipping supplies) probably late this next week, and they should all be shipped out by the end of the week after that.

The Mystery Boxes from this last weekend will start shipping out early the week after next and should be all out before that week is up.

And finally the boxes from this weekends deals should start shipping out in about 1 1/2 weeks and be out that same week.

Did I miss any boxes?

We are trying to get some extra employees this next week so that we can get the items out faster but were also limited because of computers on how fast we can ship (only one printer for shipping labels) Were trying to get in a second (and possibly third) shipping computer next week and if were able to get them all set up and then we should be able to start getting future orders out within a week (or sooner, hopefully 24-48 hours) or so instead of this 2-4 week wait.


More Mystery Boxes? How about shipping the orders from two weeks ago that seem to be in stuck in "pending" first? Has anybody here received one of these things yet? I've ordered 3 Secret Mystery Boxes and 3 Knife Mystery Boxes, and I won't be ordering more until I receive those.


I'm not trying to be ugly here, but just can't seem to close this window without saying my peace. I've exceeded over 30 years in business management ... about 15 of those building & owning my own business. For me, it's always been "Customer First"! I never took on more business than I was capable to handle at that particular time. There were some of those times I had to tell someone it might be 2 or 3 weeks until I could get to their order (this was custom personalized merchandise) and never accepted any monies until I was ready to begin with them.

Although it's been sort of nice having someone from a company in here talking with us, we have no idea if this person is a he ... she ... 'gofer' or the owner! And although we knew it would be 2 to 3 weeks before ordering ... it's sort of a slap in the face (to me anyway) to now hear excuses about the time it takes to print the lables (are you kidding me???) and then to say you hope to be hiring more help in the next few days. cont...


It was several days ago when I posted asking if you'ld hire me because it appeared you just got overwhelmed. But you just keep on posting new offers and more explanations. I remember one posting where it was bragged about selling out the 2500 boxes/bags so another was up for the offering. Had this been MY business ... I'd have tried to fulfill what had already been paid for before offering something more to just overwhelm myself or my business. I don't think there are many here that do NOT know that with proper software, 1 pc & 1 printer and those labels would be printed in about 30 minutes top. And if it were my business when I had no employees ... just me ... I'd be working around the clock to fill boxes of 'crap' to get them sealed and slap that label on it. If I'm waiting for Gpal (or whoever) to release my funds to me ... the boxes would still sit there ready to go out the minute I had a green light. cont .....


I don't mean to sound like I'm b*tching here or anything, but along with others, I will not order anything further until someone starts reporting in, that they received SOMETHING in the least! Just my personal opinion here. I hope I have offended no one. :-)



why does not woot take off all these knock off companys that are coping them with the b-a-g o-f c-r-a-p
and then sending used junk and expired stuff

woot needs to realy put there foot down on these junk knockoffs

If woot would go back to the t and t deals pages they would see
and not there is another one
that charges 10 dollars with free shipping and sends out dated items that
even on there web site cost far less that what the 10 dollars it




@shellmel: Alright, I apologize before hand if anything I say sounds rude but its late and I am trying to reply quickly.

I never said anywhere that I am waiting to print labels, as you said it doesn't take to long to print shipping labels. What I am waiting on is the actual Labels themselves, or in other words, I am waiting for my order of paper, and tape. The Boxes are 90% ready to ship the moment I get my supplies, and it won't take long at all.

As I said before more then half of the military mystery boxes have shiped already, and many have reported they have got them (although it seems only the t-shirt recipients have reported getting them, and only about 10-20% of boxes had t-shirts)

The knife boxes have also half shipped out, the other half should all be out tomorrow morning when either our shipping supplies arrive or were going to the local staples to pick up what we can to get them out. cont...


So a lot of people have gotten there stuff but obviously most do not report it. For example the BOC's were very popular and the total number of customers (not order mind you) were over 2k. However hundreds of those have shipped out and yet not one has reported getting anything. So it seems most people do not check back on woot after buying something. Only the more adament wooters do.

And I can tell you I am working round the clock, I have me and 4 other employees and we have been putting in 12-16 hour days to get everything out on time. We keep putting up deals, because like anyone with a business degree knows, you keep business going when you can. Which is what we are doing. As I said before also, the delay of 2-3 weeks is only with these past boxes, the future boxes starting in the next week or so we will be able to ship out within 24-48 hours.

Also the charging part, the orders are processed through GPal, I have NO ability to choose whether to charge...


right away or hold off till we ship.

If I had the ability to wait to charge until shipment then I would use it but since its not a Merchant processor but a third party like paypal I have no choice on when it charges, it always charges the moment the customer hits submit.

But since we are planning to be able to ship out in 24-48 hours in the future it will significantly help out with customers worrying about the charge coming prior to shipment.


My advice to BKIndustries is first and foremost, stop posting. Hire someone to handle interactions with the public, as you're making a mockery of your own business with these continued posts detailing idiotic excuses and moronic business decisions.

Employees working 16 hour days - hope they sue the heck out of you for proper overtime wages. No shipping supplies - go buy some at Walmart/Costco/Sam's Club to do today, and get the rest delivered tomorrow. Printers aren't handling the volume? I print 2,000 orders in 22 minutes with a single desktop laser printer. Out of labels? Print on plain paper and tape the sucker to the top of the box.

Merchant processor not doing what you want? Hire another and tell the first one to close the account. You are doing yourself a disservice. Go hire a warehouse manager to handle shipping, hire someone to handle customer service, and get back to running your business rather than defending it - really badly.


@kingu: I never said that my printer couldn't handle the print jobs, they do just fine, but on that note, you can't simply print 4000 shipping labels straight from the website through our postage service, it doesn't work like that, you have to input each individual address, which takes time. There is only a degree of bulk printing that we can do. But I never used that as an excuse. The only excuse was that we have nothing to print it on, no labels AND no paper otherwise we would do it.

Secondly, we explained before the item was even posted that the shipping time is 2-3 weeks, we gave ourselves plenty of time to ensure we could handle it, as we have been.

Employees are family, we have over 50 family members in the area old enough to work, and when one does we pay them $15 an hour, more then double minimum wage, at about 1.5 times the average wage for the area, and all they do is shipping. We take care of our own better then most.


We have only been waiting a couple days for some of the shipping supplies, not that big an issue considering we are still within our time frame to ship out. As I stated before if the supplies aren't here in the morning then were picking some up locally just like you said to do.

And as stated on all our sites, we are only open tuesday-friday, besides answering the occasional response in email or woot, we do not work saturday-monday.

And I am not sure what your talking about with a merchant processor, we had an issue once over a month ago with a merchant processor and we changed immediantly to another one before the issue was even resolved to ensure our continued business.

We don't run a little shanty business, we know what were doing. The only times I typically have to defend is when people aren't satisfied with the shipping times, which are flatly stated on every site.

I may not be the best communicator, but as many have said, the simply fact that I do is more then most.


@kingu: Hey, relax. It's clear that this is a small business and not some giant company with hundreds or thousands of employees. It looks like the business got more orders than the employees have been able to fill in short order. I imagine that BK will be expanding to fit the demand, but these things take time.
I also appreciate that someone who's more real and intimately involved in the business is talking with the customers rather than some representative that has second or third hand knowledge of the situation.
Keep up the good work, BK! I look forward to seeing reviews from people and getting stuff in the future!


@blowuptheking: Thank you, as you said were not some giant company, were still small, we started our online side of the business in November of last year and besides 2 bad instances things have gone quite smoothly.

I like to keep things personal when I can, it shows we care about the business. For those that have wondered, the bkindustries username is the owner (me) as well as the username kamelkisser (my wifes name is Kamie and my family nicknamed her kamel, hence I am a kamelkisser, lol)

In a month or two when we get even larger I may have to train my co/owner [my wife :)] as well as maybe 1-2 employees that all know the ins and outs perfectly to help respond on woot and through emails. But for now I am trying my best to respond to woot and emails all myself to help ensure the customer service side does well.

On a side note, it seems for some reason were not getting emails from our site, so please do not use the contact form there just email us directly. thank you


Yeah, I'm eagerly awaiting my $3 box but the stated shipping times were quite clear so I can't complain. I'm only wondering how much longer because I'm eager to get my stuff. I'll probably buy from your site later since you offer so much truly cool stuff. Big boy toys, heh.


@bkindustries: No apology necessary to me! I saw nothing rude in your post. Tired ... I understand. :-) Like I said ... been there - done that. Didn't even have the family help! I had a feeling you were trying to get a young business off the ground and I wish you & your wife the very best of luck! I honestly appreciate the activeness you have shown here.

Although I didn't realize it was a military box when I bought ... I really am looking forward to it now, if for nothing else but to come here and brag about what I got. I hope for you that more & more will start to do the same! That was the key ingredient that persuaded me to bite at Woot's BOC!


Yeah, I don't understand all the complaining going on here. You bought items, and you agreed to the 2-3 week shipping time when you bought it. It's not like it was some sort of mystery, @bkindustries has been very clear on this on every item they've sold.

Sit back, and chill out like the rest of us waiting.


UPDATE: Nearly all orders have been shipped out (as can be seen by the various posts around woot of people receiving them) We had an issue arise Friday on the server that prohibited us from having access to the administration sections of our website, I won't go into details but we had to have our server hosts look into and fix the issue, because of the holiday there was no one to look into the issue until today. It should be fixed by tonight and tomorrow we will resume shipping again. If your status was updated to shipped, delivered, or completed then your order has shipped out, if you don't have the tracking info them email us at and I will forward it over to you.

Those that have not had the status updated please either be patient or simply email us and we will attempt to push your order out as fast as possible.

We are currently trying to not respond to emails or woot posts in the attempt to focus our time on putting together the orders to ship out.