dealssamsung 840 series mz-7td250bw 2.5" 250gb sata…


Great price for one of these. They are typically seen for over $200. I would order one if I didn't just order the 120GB version of this the other day.


Not to be confused with the 256GB Samsung 840 PRO that was $200 at Newegg last week. The Pro has much higher write speeds as well as some other pluses. So for $50 less you are getting considerably less.


@teufelaffe: Amazon must have recently matched that as it was much more when I checked earlier there.


Thank you. Ive been considering upgrading my 120gb SSD to a larger capacity. I was going to get a regular hard drive, but once I used an SSD for my OS drive, I dont think I can ever go back.


@srnevid: While I'm not arguing that the Pro version is much better than this, the regular 840 series is great if you know what to expect from it. I've got the 120GB version, which I'm using only as a boot and game drive (minimizing worries about the TLC wearing out faster) and it's still blazingly fast. While 250GB is getting a little big for that application, if the price is right for people who aren't looking to write to the drive over and over, it fits in pretty well.


I've been toying with the idea of buying one of these for a while. This was the deal that got me off the fence!


Looks to be sold out now so I will mark as expired.

Also on that note Amazon raised their price to $168.95. Definitely looks like they were matching the price.