dealsamazon matches google play $.25 apps for day 3


I just bought Rebuild for .25 and then got an email saying it qualified for a promotional $1 credit on Amazon MP3. Not sure if it applies to all of them, but a heads up.


Oh man... this makes me so jealous.

I wished iTunes pulled this off..


I also got the $1 credit for MP3. I think it applies to everything. But it is not clear if it ends Oct. 1 or at the end of the year. Confusing explanation I think.


The email I got said the credit expires Oct. 31st.


Sweet! I did not feel like filling out google wallet info


Apple had Temple Run Brave for free as app of the week just recently.


I got 'em on Google Play. Don't like the Amazon restriction that their Player has to be running when you use the game. So AKA, you can only play the game while you have an internet connection.