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This game was sooo underrated. You owe it to yourself to play this game. Hell, it costs less than your crappy mocha late at Starbucks, and last much longer than one.


I have this game for my PS2. It was the awesome then, and it still is pretty cool.. I have my PS2 out just so I can play this and other great games like Beyond Good and Evil, Katamari, Okami, the Ratchets, and Tourist Trophy. Psychonauts is one of those games you should play and revisit every so often.


Best frickin game ever!
I had it for PS2 and then bought it for xbox to play on the xbox360. I introduced my 5 year old to it last year and she loves it.


Is this game better with a mouse and keyboard, or a controller? This game seems to be more "console friendly" but I'm wondering what people who have played it on PC thought of the controls if they didn't use a USB controller (like Xbox 360... or Gravis Gamepad... ya'know, whatever you've got. ;) ).