deals35 pack smart sense purified water for $3.99


Smart Water? I am going to stick with being a smart human being and using my own filter for my pur pitcher. It costs a lot less than this deal.


@fountain3586: We have great water here, and I don't really understand the locals who drink only the bottled stuff, but I've learned that it's best to drink bottled water when I travel. Something about changing to the water in another part of the country seems to affect nearly everyone's, er, digestive systems. And, of course, we keep some around for boating. Water out of the holding tanks has that chlorox taste, even when filtered. Urgh!


@belyndag: I wish I had good water on tap. I feel like I am drinking pool water most of the time, and water is my primary drink. :( Buying water seems ridiculous to me, but I have yet to find a fiter that can handle the water in our area (Brita, Pur, Culligan, Whirlpool...)


A large amount of the chlorine in tap water will evaporate if left uncovered (such as, putting the water in a gallon jug and leaving the cap off for a week). Usually, if left 100% uncovered, it will evaporate in 24 hours.

If you're primarily concerned with just the taste of chlorine, you could try this method and see what it tastes like after a week or so.

Alot of gardeners and aquarium hobbyists do this since the chlorine can be harmful to whatever it's being used for. Also, just so you know, the vast majority of "purified water" is nothing more than filtered greywater (or sullage <-- Google that if you don't know) from large cities. So you're essentially just drinking regular tap water that has been manufactured to "taste better" anyway.