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They used to sell Romulan Ale (beer) at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, before it closed. I would rather buy some of that...


@djp519: One of their drinks, and I think it was either the Romulan Ale or the Cardassian Ale, was actually Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, My bartender was a Dabo Girl who looked a lot like Ally Sheedy.

I chatted for a while at the bar with Klingon, but his best line came when I was waiting in line to get into the ride (I was at the bar after).

The Klingon and a couple of other characters were walking along the line, trying to distract us from the fact that we stood there for an hour. When he got to me he pointed at the camera I had hanging from my wrist and asked, "Are you humans born with those things attached?"

I laughed and said, "I guess it seems that way to you, doesn't it?"

"It must be very painful for your mothers," he said.

I'm sure he made that joke several times a day, but it still cracked me up.


Is this black market Romulan Ale or is it used for medicinal purposes?


@craigthom: That's good... I chatted up a Ferengi, and challenged him to quote one or two of his favorite rules of acquisition. He managed to quote one... I'm not sure if it was "correct" or not, but it sounded good! lol... good times. Too bad that place closed, but it wasn't really someplace you needed to visit more than once or twice.