dealspuffs® basic facial tissues, 2-ply, 3/pack…


I ordered them late last night and they were here by noon. How did they do that? We don't have a Staples in our town.
Magic ! Or maybe they were coming to town for something else and tossed it in the truck. Either way, who can beat that ?


@ceagee: I believe part of UPS's business is in warehousing inventory for other companies, so when an order is placed it just needs to be packed and thrown in a truck. From your experience, I'm guessing they warehouse for Staples. I've also experienced that super quick (less than 24 hours) shipping from and it's very impressive.


You had my deal removed based on a lie? It was free shipping. Worry about your own deals.


@xtreemsaver: Thanks for the downvote. Now I know what kind of member you are. I neither downvoted nor did I tattle on your deals. I only commented, in a nice way, to ask that you follow the Deals rules for posting. I even looked up costs for your one deal and posted it for you. I was being nice.
Shame on you.


@xtreemsaver: PS I see you went on a very mature rampage and downvoted all of my current deals. Do you feel better ?