dealsphilips norelco 6948xl/41 electric razor $24.99 w…


It looks like Amazon has already price-matched this with a coupon of their own. There's a "clip coupon" button under the list-price. They sure do price-match quickly.


I like how I get downvoted for giving people more options (especially those with Prime, like me) at the same price-point...


@greciandelight: You have been upvoted, good sir.

If you have Prime and/or gift cards to burn, get it from Amazon. If you're shopping for airline miles, get it from Walgreens. See? Everyone wins.


This is the best price i have seen for this so far. I bought this for my father last year, and he loves it. Need one more. Thank you for sharing


In for one from Amazon. Gotta love their fast shipping.