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Sell me on this deal. Newegg has several enclosures for less than $20 with free shipping. I don't have much expertise in this area though. Is this a quality brand?


@azagthoth: I wouldn't buy it. I have several all-metal enclosures, which I prefer, and paid less at either New Egg or Tiger Direct. The metal helps to dissipate the heat the HD creates.


This is not an external hard drive. It is a universal docking station to plug and play almost any hard drive you have laying around. 2.5 (laptop) or 3.5 (desktop), Hybrid, or Solid State Drive. Basically all harddrives. The only issue i see comes down to what type of connectors are used. You can buy multiple drive docking stations but they are considerably more expensive.


Good reviews on Amazon but most of those reviews are for a dual bay dock/cloner which is priced at $39.99 - link is


It's really only useful if you fuss around with hard drives on a regular basis.

For example, I use a similar dock on my file server for backups. I pop in a drive, do a backup, then swap the drive every day. I have a total of eight drives so it's a bit less expensive than having 8 "normal" external hard drives, or a traditional removable media drive. Occasionally I'll have to archive a large volume of data, so I'll get a cheap internal drive (or steal one from the computer bone yard) and archive my data. Drive goes into a static bag with a label, then into the safe.

I also have one on my bench for transferring data to a new computer. Grab the hard drive out of the old computer and put it in the dock, plug the dock into the new computer and start transferring data.


@dthompson55: Yes, according to their description on Amazon:

System requirements:
* Available USB 3.0 for high speed data transfer
Reverse compatible with USB 1.1 & USB 2.0.
* Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (Both 32-bit & 64-bit versions)


I agree with @ruouttaurmind. A docking station is only useful if you'll be swapping a HD often--for example in a tech support type setting.

If you just need an external enclosure, this is not the right product for that.

On a side note, perhaps the OP should remove the "+ free shipping" from the title since it's not "REALLY" free... See this FAQ:


I "fuss" around with hard drives quite a bit, and for me the best "enclosure" is the vertical one. That's where you slide the hard drive in vertically and it sits standing up. The reason for that is because you can swap hard drives quicker than having to mess around opening covers and such. Having a power button is a must.


@biodemon: Absolutely agree on vertical loading docks. Another advantage to vertical is a slightly smaller footprint on my already over crowded bench. Power switch is a good item to have as well as external power source. Some docks are USB powered, some have an external power supply. I prefer the external power supply.


There was a comment of purchasing a hard enclosure and keep the extra drives for use as needed. Only caution to note is, hard drive enclosures for single drives (these days) do not have a small fan and ventilation is restricted. Heat is the next worst enemy other than dropping from a height or water on your hard drive. When you get the metal enclosure sue a steel drill bit and put several holes to help ventilation. May be your own pattern and thus these enclosures with drives in them get ventilated a bt better. I have done so and watch the inner wires if any before you use your steel drill bit! Lots of luck!