dealsmass effect 2 for $11.69 + free shipping


This is a fantastic series and a great deal, however, it is hard to recommend getting the series on PS3. It is far more enjoyable to have played through the first game before beginning the second one. PS3 users get screwed over by not being able to enjoy all 3 games!


I think that ME2 was probably the best of the series. The characterizations were deeper than in ME3, and (unlike ME3) your actions in the game did really have an effect on the outcome of the game.


@segafanalways: Additionally, if PS3 owners already own ME2 and 3 and don't want to buy the collection (which EA failed to make a true complete collection), ME1 has been available on the PSN for over a week for only $15.

Great series and I look forward to finally playing through the 1st one.


FYI, just for a potential buyer's comparison purposes, I got this title for $7.99 + tax during an AMZN Lightning Deal during Thanksgiving Week.


@wilfbrim: The way I saw the third one, your actions in other games made a difference in the third one, rather than your actions in the third one changing the ending.


The entire Mass Effect Trilogy is available for $39.99 now, in case you don't have any of the games and want to play from 1 through 3 with the same character: