dealshalo 4 [xbox-360] for $39.99 + free shipping


Also includes $10 Instant Video Credit


And this is why I don't buy games the second they come out.


So I bought this but I haven't received my $10 Instant Video credit (although it does say it can take up to 2 days). However, I received an email immediately after saying:

"Thank you for your purchase from Your purchase entitles you to a $7 promo credit good towards Major League Gaming's Game Battles Premium. GameBattles is the largest online destination for competitive console and PC gaming. Featuring tournaments, ladders, forums and more for all the latest and hot titles, GameBattles is home to over 8 million gamers worldwide. GameBattles enables you to play against your friends, compete in tournaments and watch some of the best gamers in the world. To redeem your credit visit** click "Buy and get code" and your credit will be automatically applied.

The promotional credit must be used by January 31, 2013."

Just something else in this deal, I guess. I better get that video credit, though!


matts2am: I agree - Amazon saves some face as it has run a gold box deal since Black Friday where you pay $59 for Halo 4, but then get a $20 Amazon gift card and a $10 video credit, which I took advantage of.

lister22: The credit came through after about three days under the previous deal that I mentioned above,


@matts2am: And that is why I am already a level 59 Wetworks and will make toast of you when you finally start playing!
To a point.


Wo Ho!! Gift Time!! Just ordered and shipped with Gift Wrapping...


@lister22: According to Amazon, "Your Amazon Instant Video credit will be automatically applied to your account when your order has shipped."


I got the lightning deal of this. I bought Windows 8 and got a $30 credit. The price was $59.99 for the game and then a $20 credit for purchasing and then a $10 instant video credit. Brought the game down to free basically.. and then I picked 5-7 day shipping and it gave me a $3 instant video credit..

Essentially, they paid me $3.00 to get halo 4.


That is amazing. You can't get paid to get a game often!


If it ever runs out they are having the same deal at the microsoftstore, without the 10 dollar video credit.


at fred meyer right now for $39.99. until the 15th


Just purchased one too. 2 day shipping with Prime, can't wait!!


It's also $39.99 at Target. But this still seems the better deal as it includes the $10 Amazon credit.