dealssuper mario 3ds land for $3.00


How is this supposed to work, you didn't exactly post the most informative description there..


Well, as long as we are posting random deals that don't really exist and have no viable link, here's one:

Mtsubishi 92" TV for $10 at

If the Mario Land 3d deal really does somehow exist I would love to know about it, so please clarify.



The deal is buy Super Mario Land 3DS for 39.99 and if you are a shop your way rewards member (free to join) you get a 15$ credit for Kmart.

I accidently hit enter before I could finish but I thought I stopped the page from loading before it went through, I have tattled on the deal.

Again, I'm really sorry about that, it is still a decent deal if you read the blog. They also have a 35$ credit if you buy a new 3DS as well as many new bogo 50% off games.


List of BOGO %50 off:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Reg. $59.99 360/PS3)
Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Reg. $59.99 360/PS3)
Rayman Origins (Reg. $59.99 360/PS3)
Saint’s Row the Third (Reg. $59.99 360/PS3)
Need For Speed: The Run (Reg. $59.99 360/PS3)
Halo Anniversary (Reg. $39.99 360)