dealsfree envelopes with pre-paid postage for $0.00


That's an interesting concept. But I would worry that the recipients would think it's junk mail and toss it.


@mtrlgrl: can you just scribble the ad out? or put an x over it? or cover the ad with blank white labels? OR only use it to send mail to recipients who know you're cheap?

maybe the last option is best.


"in exchange for 5 free ready-to-mail envelopes, users also agree to receive advertising messages via email once a week."

might want to set up a filter to auto-delete that weekly spam message.


"The first envelopes will be sent out as soon as we have enough advertisers to support the service."

Not only am I not holding my breath, I am not giving them my info.


I agree, very interesting concept. If the pricing was competitive with traditional mail-based advertising programs, I could easily see this going over.