dealsfinal fantasy vii [pc download] for $5.99


Man, I hope this gets a Mac port.


I LOVE this game. I own it on PSX, PSN, and PC (Disc and Download), and own the soundtrack. FYI you'll have to rebind controller buttons to make it like the old PSX layout.


@entity17: "updated version for PC with cloud saves"

Can you think of any other reason for these "updates" except for DRM?


Hopefully this updated version fixes all those old bugs found in the original port...


Huh, I didn't even know this was out yet. Thanks for the heads up, guess I need to start stepping outside of Steam every now and again for my gaming fix..


They did fix some things, the Magic Defense bug is fixed.


This is the new & "improved" updated PC version. I've heard some pretty sour reviews of this version (partially revolving around DRM issues). Still hard to beat this price!


If this was on steam I would buy it in a heart beat but after dealing with Origin and Uplay I am done with using anything outside of steam.


@segafanalways: oh c'mon. Uplay isn't nearly as bad as Origin.


@ryanbseattle: I'm not saying this is a major effort, but it's kind of a good thing they're not just selling people an unchanged 15-year-old Win9x port that plays at 800x600 or less.


@vkapadia: Actually he doesn't save atleast one person....


@segafanalways: This is actually just a self downloader, no extra accounts or clients.


Be warned: they only let you download it for 30 days. After that, you better have your copy.


@craig234: Good to know! I was wondering how that worked (as well as what DRM might be attached). I make far too many changes to my PC hardware to put up with such limits. I'll probably just wait and see whether Steam gets it. 'Til then, I can always hook up the ol' console if I really have to play some FFVII.


@jackofallgames42: Or if you have a PS3 you could download it from PSN for $10 and not have DRM or a download limit


@ryanbseattle: If this is updated from the original EIDOS release... then the other reasons to update it would be "to not be a steaming pile of crashing garbage" ...