dealslg hbm-230 universal wireless bluetooth headset…


just what i was looking for, thanks :)


On they have this...a NEW one for $263.20 with free shopping. I'm thinking that if you want this...look around first and get a NEW one...or a refurbished one at a REFURBISHED price!!!! :)


@michellehc2007: WOW 263.20 vs 8.99. I am going with the 263.20 (yea, sure!)
Target does not even have the lg hbm-230
Not exactly sure the point of this comment is.

How about a perfect Bluetooth for 8.99 right here, oh and free shipping too


@michellehc2007: Link, please? Target doesn't seem to even carry this product.


Reviews on newegg and amazon seem to be about 50% great and 50% terrible. Even for the price I think I'll pass...