dealsselect up to five magazine subscriptions for $19…


Hell yeah! keep the post office in business!


Why is this getting downvoted into oblivion?


in my personal experience subscriptions and renewals through discountmags was cheaper than any publisher deal.


i've gotten crazy renewal deals for Rolling Stone through discountmags specials. i think i'm subscribed until 2017.


If you use a credit card that expires next month, they can't do that can they? I always use a near date card for subscriptions from any site. I've never had a problem.


@startanew2: I know that Citi has a "one-time only" credit card number that they will provide to card holders for online purchases. That seems like it would work great for this...


What in the heck is a "magazine"?


Just as an FYI, you can get up to three years at this price - 5 mags x 3 yrs for $60. By then, the credit card should have expired no matter which one I use.

Now I just got to decide if I want to drop $60 for potty reading for the next three years.

@profsmokedawg In prehistoric times before teh interwebs, a "magazine" was a cutting-edge way of delivering advertising. Although it lacked pop-unders and pop-ups and flash animation, it did feature "fall outs", as well as pages of hi-def glossy advertising for the same sorts of things that we don't buy today either. Ad quality ranged from Google News (fairly high) to AOL (spam-like). And there were always ads for cheap enhancement products in the back - AKA "Spanish Fly". Some things never change.


Never had a problem with discount mags. Love the deals, I only renew when it's on sale.


@fullfathomdeep: It's positioning. The bottom sponsored deals suffers this childish repetition everyday.


I have a prepaid card that I use for anything that I feel might not be completely on the up and up. I load some money onto it when I want to buy something, but it otherwise stays empty, and so is immune to automatic renewals.


@fleamarketadict: Actually I believe the Sponsored Deals are sorted by popularity, so the bottom deal will always be the least popular. There may be some band wagon hopping though, as the downvotes accumulate.

For me personally, this "deal" isn't really a particularly special deal since it's offered quite frequently. Others might be downvoting it for the lousy customer service or the unsolicited renewals that were mentioned.

Either way...I'm queue'ing up the PFunk:
"Get up for the Down Vote....Everybody get up!!!"


I've used these guys.
Some mags take longer than others to start.
So don't order after Thanksgiving and expect gifts to arrive by Xmas.
Other than that, they do their job. And do it cheaply.
It also give me/ us the opportunity to cheaply try out a magazine.
As in, "Garden and Gun" is old South "Martha Stewart". It's a cute magazine, not my type, but ripped out of my hands by my Atlanta- raised girl kid.
I've gone on a few of these deals, for me and as for gifts.
I'm going in again on this one.