dealsgnc mens/womens ultra mega vitamins for $9.99


The neon pee is an product of excess B-vitamins.


@keithbluhm: That is correct. It sure gave me a turn the first time it happened. Still not as impressive as what happens to your body waste if you eat a lot of beets (:


I lied. This is an even better deal than I initially thought, because you only need to take one daily. The ultra megas I bought during the buy 3/get 3 are 2x daily. Even at a 90# bottle it's only 45 days worth of pills. With this deal you get a solid two months per bottle. Ugh. Wish I didn't have so many of my old stock, or I'd go buy these.


nice deal, thanks. Shoprunner extended my free membership (from woot) by another year not too long ago, and the only place I use it really is on gnc, drugstore, or newegg. Had been meaning to get some vitamins, good stuff!