deals2 pack of touch screen compatible gloves & $5.00…


I just bought these from them. I paid 3.99 for the first pair and 2.99 for the second. But I didn't even get a gift card. =[ Boooooo.


It says the gift card is emailed within 10 days so if you just ordered them I wouldn't expect you to have the gift card yet.


The deal, gloves, and prices are great. I'm definitely in for a another pair or two. I bought a pair last year. They are good for running and training outside, especially if you need dexterity and to use a smartphone/tablet.


Got these for my honey's Christmas stocking. They look warm enough for driving and, because of her long nails, she has trouble with her phone. I'm think these might be just the ticket and I'll get extra points! ;)


Please be careful these things can be deadly, two of my friends died from baloon launches gone wrong. They were an heros.


i bought their hat 3 weeks ago, and I never received their $5 gift card/code, anyone else with me?


@ibats321: Did you email customer service? I got mine.


@joshuaramsay: Yeah,I bought it from them a week ago when there was no deal.