dealsmystical glitter black chrome lamp for $9.99…


"Awesome glitter lava lamp. Goes through 5 colors as a fan spins the glitter. Would have gotten 5 stars but it doesn't come with the AC adapter. Takes 3 AA's."


$6.95 for shipping? Kind of takes the buzz out of the deal.


Woo hoo - brings back memories of the '60s. :-)

This can't be like a lava lamp given that it runs on batteries. For lava lamps, the bulb heating the goop drives the motion.

Anyway, for real geeky lava lamp fun, go to - kitschy science!


even with shipping, $16.95 for this lamp is well worth it. I have 2 in my room it makes my posters look sweet, sets the mood right. I'm buyin two more..