dealsindie royale: difficult 2nd bundle (5 game bundle)


i tried adding the deal at 8am PT but their servers were overloaded. i was able to get my purchase completed however right before they started getting hammered.

good deal on most of the games too as they are at least 70+ on metacritic.

per their twitter page:
Also, 99% of the issues should be resolved, all it took was 2 more webservers and one mysql index...

For those interested, we are running 4 webservers, 1 database, 15 download mirrors and about 5 utility boxes - clearly not enough!

FYI - Our bundle is the only place you can currently get Scoregasm for Steam. You can't even get it directly from the Steam store!

Hey, remember last bundle when we added a ton of extras throughout? Maybe we'll be doing that again this time around...


An interesting site, reminds me of the humble indie bundles. Just none of these games seem that intersting to me. I'll definately subscribe to see what the next one will be though. Thumbs up :)


Just purchased - thanks! I paid 3.94. Can't wait to get my Nerd on this weekend!


A soundtrack and bonus DLC has been added to everyone who has purchased the bundle. The current value of the bundle has increased to $47.

I know people who are kicking themselves over not getting the first Indie Royale bundle. To note, unlike the Humble Bundles, all the Steam keys are separate, so you can give the extra game keys to your friends if you already happen to have them.

With the exception of the option of giving to charity, I think I'm beginning to like Indie Royales more than the Humble Bundles.



Probably no one will see this, but...

The Indie Royale bundle is now back down to less than $3 AND they just added 2 more games to it that normally cost at least $1 each rounding the total value of the bundle to be... $49!

Irukandji - A bullet-hell SHMUP with an underwater theme and Tron neon graphics.

Bullet Candy Perfect - A twin stick shooter ala Geometry Wars, but with what looks like boss battles. It looks pretty awesome!