deals8 pair women’s mary jane fuzzy slipper socks…


Internet shopping overload! I ordered these after posting the deal, figuring they would make great Christmas gifts. A few minutes ago I checked the mail and got them in the mail. So fast? Nope, I had ordered them the LAST time they were offered!

I guess I have EXTRA Christmas gifts to give away now. Hmmm. Maybe something to include in the next Wootizen BOC!


Bought these... Wife is always wearing socks around the house and to bed, why not... Throw some in my mom's stocking as well. Good cheap stocking stuffers! < $1/gift.


No, I just called their office to clarify. it's 8 pairs but 4 colors since they're grouped together 2 pairs. So 16 socks, 8 pairs, and 4 colors.


Looks like this is 4 pair, not 8 pair - you get 4 2-packs (each 2-pack = a pair).