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@zippy the pinhead: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to notify others as well as myself of my mistake! I can't help but think you had better things to do then this, so thanks! Maybe you can follow me around Woot and fix all my mistakes!


Pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference between "dubbed" and non-dubbed? Hopefully this comment will pass through the spelling police. :^)


Does it seem that most of the low cost movies are in full screen, rather than in widescreen format?


@richurm: That's because Fullscreen loses a lot in regards to width and was mainly designed for the non-widescreen CRTs back in the day. There's no excuse for fullscreen anything anymore since just about every high-definition TV has a widescreen aspect ratio.

When you see a movie, it's widescreen, just like modern TVs. They had to translate that into a format for square CRT TVs back in the day so they made "fullscreen" and chopped off some bits on the left and right of the screen to fit it.


@woadwarrior: I was down voted for asking for help? What is this place coming to :(


You were downvoted after insulting a wooter for correcting your grammar.


@darkinc: You missed a question mark after " coming to".


See, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed the heading would have been too long if he typed "through" so it was shortened to 'threw.' (although I would have gone with "thru."

Still, I had to grin when he did it again in his snarky rebuttal!

Now ewe no why spell-checkers are knot good to rely on!


@rageofangels: Was I not sincere enough in my request for him to follow me around?

@tcayer: I don't bother with the spellcheck :)


@darkinc: spellcheck doesn't help with homophones anyway


Why bother putting $0.00 in this title? Terrible, just terrible.