deals1 day wonder: $15 fleece coats


I think that Old Navy fleeces are a great deal when they go on sale like this. My only gripe is the arms of their jackets are always too short for me.

Nice price, if you don't have limbs like a daddy longlegs.


@purplefeather: I have the opposite problem on most long-sleeved items: the sleeves are usually too long. So I have to cuff them, which looks dumb (and makes my arms look even stubbier) or cut and sew them, which I am not very good at doing. I should just break down and go to a tailor I guess, but I am too cheap.


Now seeing just girls and toddlers... looks like men's sizes sold out.


@purplefeather: Ever done the arms straight out, fingertip-to-fingertip measurement? Most folks are about as tall as that measurement, but I'm either too short or too apelike(about 8" too short, actually).
So I share your dismay, in a near-oranglike manner.