dealsfree after easy rebate - copy paper, kleenex…


I have been having problems with the weekly ad displaying, but if you go to your location and view the ad it displays properly.


@jsoko: Yes. Sorry, for the cranial rectal inversion, I usually put that in the description.

In Store ONLY

I will tattle to see if they will ad it to the description.



dohohoho, silly sales tax states.


Last time I purchased copy paper was via a Staples easy rebate. They do in fact honor it.


Thanks! I am down for a couple.


Stupid broken flash site.

Tells me there's no ad for my store, gives me two options and neither works -- choose a store or go to the site.

So I go to the site, choose my store (duh, I wonder why no ad if I had no store chosen), go to the weekly ad. But I get the same error when I try to view "next week's" ad. Nothing is on sale this week in my city.


Ad works for me, but then I have Windows 7 and the latest Adobe Flash installed, never had trouble viewing Flash.


I went today and was able to grab the paper, the labels, and the Kleenex. I couldn't find any more photo paper or pens. Spent more than $21 and I'll be able to get about $20 of that back. Wish I had noticed that some of the items were limit 2 because I only purchased 1 of each item!

Thanks for posting this!


@djanlp: My staples was out of the pens too! I didn't look for the photo paper. But the rest I saw.


For future Staples rebate offer hunters: I received my checks about 1 week ago (1 check was sent for each item, rather than a check for the total amount). The rebate process was pretty easy, but you may have to wait several weeks for the pay-out.