dealsfirefly (complete series) dvd set joss whedon for…


is anyone else getting amazingly tired of -always- seeing firefly in dealswoot 24/7 at around $10 or so.

I get it, firefly is a good deal for the 40th time. Really am getting tired of seeing it.

love the show, don't get me wrong.


Pretty sure this is the lowest price it's turned up for, which is why I shared it.

Also: "24/7" lol.


@denalynn2001: If you mean lowest you've ever seen it, its not. Just a month ago it was cheaper.

Not trying to say "hey screw you for posting this its awful I hate you!" just more "Hey collective woot people, is it just me or is anyone else tired of seeing it for around $10-$15.

Looked it up, its being posted -about- every week with a few exceptions (skip a week, 2 a week) which kind of comes to a point where... its no longer a "deal" its just how much it costs.

I don't know, maybe i'm being grouchy.


on the other hand, businesses wouldn't waste their time advertizing it if it wasn't's always about money;-)


I'm glad to see it. I ordered one. Mine disappeared when I moved and I was just wishing the other day that I had it back. So this is a good thing.


i aint scared. i'll say it. you know what else is a good deal on firefly. prime. yeah. i said it.


@godthehamster: Prime and Netflix are great, until the power goes out. I live in Maryland, hurricanes, snow storms, and brown outs. Everyone means pulling out firefly for a family marathon.


Hmm, I must have done a lazy search, because I didn't see those lower prices. My reasoning on things like that, though is that if it's a good chunk less than most places are charging for it when I look, then it's a deal.

Just not a very original deal, apparently, but I'm glad at least a few people were happy to see it.


At least you won't be bored from seeing the re-runs on TV... True, I got several (they make great gifts) for $5.88 on black friday - but it's good to see where today's competitive price is - where are all you fussy folk when products are posted by their vendors (and aren't on sale at all) ? Stuff like $40 crock pots, sherburne county using Woot! as a catalog, etc. seems to get no comments - but someone finds a deal on a 13 episode series and 'bam' - dogpile of gripers...