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Genre: reference ... are they serious?


Why would you buy this? Everything your children need to know can be found in a video game called, "Left 4 Dead"

Buy that instead... duh!


this book should have one REALLY dangerous thing in it..just as a test to see if parents believe everything they read.


Think Geek trying to capitalize on the success of the Dangerous Book for Boys?

for shame...


Without being too much of a killjoy- "Squish pennies on a railroad track" is illegal. Trespassing on railroad property is dangerous and illegal, not to mention defacing currency.

I TRIED boiling water in a paper cup, but the cup kept catchinf fire on the stove...


If you're interested in experiential education, or alternative education, this is a fine book. The one author did a short TED Talk about his summer camp based on this. They taught the kids to drive cars and stuff.

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