dealsu.s. national park service - free entrance days


Last year one of these fell on a day I was on vacation so we went and walked around in arboretum in Rockford Il was a nice distraction from driving.


yep go walk around a park so there are less people compeating for a B.O.C.


A couple years ago I was visiting Capulin Volcano and it turned out to be a free weekend. It was a nice surprise to get in for free.


We love the parks, here in Fl some have canoes to rent, you can also go snorkeling and hiking.
Thanks op


More incentive to go out and visit more National Parks!


Nice. This falls on one of my vacation days!


We were at Rocky Mountain Nat'l park a couple of years ago, and it just happened to be one of these free dates, got to spend a bit more on dinner those two nights.


I notice that Yellowstone gives you a 7-day pass when you pay the entrance fee. Does that mean if you get free entry on one of these days it will give you the 7-day pass too?


@dw1771: Did you eat at the Wapiti Pub during the trip?


Rest in peace Ranger Margaret Anderson


@martinjb: I just saw the news story about her death. So very sad. Prayers for her family and all who loved her. We often forget the dangers faced by Park Rangers.


Very sad indeed. I just don't get people these days. Hope they find him soon.


Everyone should be able to find a park. There are 397 of them.


Thanks for listing the dates - they're on my calendar now.

I don't usually mind paying entrance fees - I like to support my parks. Still, some of them are more costly and free can be the nudge that actually gets me (and friends) out there!