deals3 pack of bomb bags for $0.89 + free shipping


I posted this about 5 hours ago and was getting some good comments on it, but someone RIP'd it.


@belyndag: I noticed that too. I think @jizbee wanted credit for their own deal so they RIP'd yours. boo.


@belyndag: Your deal has now been unRIP'd!


@luvche21: Hooray! I prefer to think that one of the folks who got an "out of stock" message when they tried to order tattled it honestly and @jizbee reposted it to let folks know they could still buy these. In any case, it's getting lots of up-votes and funny comments and I truly wish I had the nerve to prank someone at work with these. Unfortunately, we are so security conscious that I suspect the guards would think we were under attack. Ah, well. Perhaps the next family reunion!