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Seagate version of this is only $139.99 (regular price) over at amazon. I've persona;;y have had a lot better luck with Seagate than WD in the past decade.


Even Best Buy has them for $149.99.


@bkreft: Personally, I have had much better experience with WD drives than Seagate. On top of that, Seagate customer service can be horrid; I once spent an hour on the phone with them to return a drive because they were making a huge stink over how I could not return the drive in the retail packaging because they declared that to be not sufficient protection for sending back the drive - and that if it was damaged as a result they would void the warranty and give me back nothing.

From that point forward I have purchased only WD drives.


@lparsons42: That's a little funny to me, because I had a very similar experience with WD. Brand new 1TB WD drive failed after a week. Retailer said to take it up with WD, believe it was newegg. WD support made me pay $28 for their return packaging that was "approved" for shipping to them, and in the end they replaced my Brand New drive for a refurbished one. I used to buy all WD drives before that happened.

I never had a seagate drive fail on me yet.

Everyone has different experiences it seems.


I bought this same drive at Best Buy for 189 a month ago. I think it works great, plus the built in media server on this is pretty easy to set up and use (this coming from a guy who can never seem to get the settings right on ANYTHING).

I wish I had waited so I could've saved a few bucks, but I'm happy with it, nonetheless.


@brgh7dc: I think Best Buy gives you exactly one month to bring in your receipt for a price adjustment. If you still have the receipt, bring it in and they'll give you the difference back. (It's $149.99 there as someone else already mentioned).

In fact I think I had them do that for me with this exact drive a while back.


@bkreft: True, YMMV. I should have mentioned also that in my painfully long conversation with Seagate on the phone they tried to tell me to purchase the packaging for something like $20-30 from a very specific supplier who was hundreds of miles away from where I lived and worked. I asked if I could just buy it from them and they refused, though after spending enough time with them on the phone they shipped the magic container to me at no charge.

Then I looked at the customer service slip they sent with it, which said "customer was very irate". I was not irate on the phone with them, but I was feeling rather irate over them calling me such.

And the replacement drive was a refurb, I'm pretty sure that's SOP for most companies now.

PS - I did not vote down your comment. It was score 3 when I replied to it, now I see it scored 2.


What about the $10 coupon from buydig? I have a little sidebar thing on the site that says if I send the link to 3 people via email (or facebook, twitter) and at least one of them clicks on it they'll send me a $10 off $50 coupon. Has anyone done that? I sent it to 3 friends and had one click on the link but I haven't seen my $10 coupon yet..