dealscrest® pro-health™ multi-protection rinse for $0…


must be costco member. id number required.


Sweet! They locked out all the riffraff by required a Costco Member ID. Makes it easier for me to get one :-D


@revragnarok: Other than the random blog postings, I can't find anything real to substantiate this claim. Their website:
Does Crest Pro-Health Rinse cause taste loss?
- Crest Pro-Health Rinse does not cause permanent taste alteration.
- Oral care products containing active ingredient CPC may cause a temporary aftertaste, or temporary change in the taste of food, in a small percentage of people.
- CPC stays in the mouth for long periods of time, which allows the rinse to provide its 12-hour benefit.
- Aftertaste/change in the taste of food typically goes away shortly after product use is stopped.

The other concern with this product is that it uses CPC which can brown your teeth. Also, it doesn't have the ADA seal on it like some other brands.

So according to this, it can affect your taste but not permanently. And like most drugs, it does work but has some side effects.


look at the reviews on amazon! woof - I did order the free sample but I don't think I will use it...


I personally love my Crest Mouthwash, I have the 'Purple' flavor (whatever it is) and I really enjoy rinsing with it. That being said, I'm under 19 (Young) so that's probably why I don't get the brown teeth other reviewers sense. I do feel the burning on the tongue though, and when I think about it it kind of numbs my tongue the same way hot foods do. Hmph.

If the reviews scare you away, I'm not surprised. I'd just recommend everyone uses at least a fluoride mouthwash - Crest or not - after swishing the stuff around, the fluoride makes my teeth rock hard, and you can feel it!


@revragnarok: That's the problem with Costco, they'll take anyone for a couple of bucks