deals55% off rare original color palette macbook…


That's one fabulous keyboard. o/`


It looks absolutely ravishing!!!


It's the original, and it's RARE...that's why we're blowing it out at 55% off.


reminds me of a FinalCut Pro or Premiere Pro cover... :P


You can get a keyboard cover for Macbooks or Macbook Pros for around $5 with shipping, so it's not much of a deal, unless you really want a rainbow keyboard cover in this style (there are others!).


They are not trustworthy, in my experience. I ordered an item from them last year. They didn't send the item, told me they would send it express so I would get it before Christmas, and then did not send it at all. They don't respond to their emails and basically ripped me off for $25.


Darn they should make one for my HPDV6-6123cl. Is that too much to ask?

Just because HP releases a new laptop line every other day doesn't mean we shouldn't have worthless paraphernalia to drape on our peripherals. Mouse blanket anyone?


I kind of expected to see the RGB or CMYK values printed on each key for the creative set. /cc @asianglow